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The reliability and durability of an awning requires mechanisms of superior quality. All Sunshade Blinds awnings are well-engineered quality products with particularly strong articulated arms. The Topline is equipped with a 4-fold cable pull, tested for 70,000 guaranteed movement cycles and resisting the most extreme loads. The elegant and compact awning distinguishes itself by its simple, universal and time-saving mounting. All of its components have been developed for smooth operation and are extremely corrosion resistant.

  • 5 year mechanical guarantee
  • Elegant and compact motorised system
  • Easily and quickly mounted
  • Proven capabilities in endurance tests


The Swingline Open Awning combines sophisticated technology with an extremely attractive cost-performance ratio. Its sturdy construction, pleasing design and precise manufacture justify its excellent reputation. The Swingline’s high quality corrosion resistant materials and coatings guarantee you a durable product which will enable you to enjoy every ray of sunshine.

  • 5 year mechanical guarantee
  • Elegant and compact motorised system
  • Glare shield and heat insulation
  • Crank operation optional
  • Fabrics are weather-resistant, dirt-repellent and light-fast
  • Good wind stability
  • Optional rain pelmet is available

Swiwngline Cassette

The Swingline can also be put into an attractive aluminium cassette, which effectively protects fabric and mechanism to provide a longer awning life. The Swingline Cassette has high quality materials and precise craftsmanship down to the last detail, providing a perfect functioning and long lasting system. This great design allows for fast and problem free installation on even the most difficult of facades.

  • 5-year mechanical guarantee
  • Elegant and compact motorised system
  • Glare shield and heat insulation
  • Awning fabric and arms retract fully into the cassette
  • Crank operation optional
  • Fabrics are weather-resistant, dirt-repellent and light-fast
  • Good wind stability


The completely enclosed, high-quality Trendline cassette awning for medium to large-sized patios with an excellent price-performance ratio and contemporary design. The strong and durable Trendline arms offers a more heavy-duty option for protection against strong winds. Attractive options, like the adjustable awning pitch or the possibility to offer a projection of up to 3.5m, underline the competitive market position of this product.

  • 5-year mechanical guarantee
  • Elegant and light appearance
  • Glare shield and heat insulation
  • Awning fabric and arms retract fully into the cassette
  • Crank operation optional
  • Fabrics are weather-resistant, dirt-repellent and light-fast
  • Good wind stability


The Sideline side wall awning offers you a side-mounted privacy screen, windbreak and antiglare protection for patios and balconies. The SIDELINE system can be used in conjunction with our patio or conservatory awnings for more all-round protection from the elements.

  • Long lasting product using high quality corrosion-resistant materials and coatings
  • Safety locking system
  • Wall or floor mounted
  • 5 Year mechanical guarantee.

X Line

The X Line conservatory/pergola awning provides the ideal room temperature in your conservatory or pergola. With its counter-tension system, the awning shades plane and rectangular glass or flat pergolas. It combines slender design with high functionality to make your conservatory or pergola a more comfortable and shaded space.

  • 5 year mechanical guarantee
  • High quality corrosion and resistant materials and coatings
  • Stylish and compact box protects cloth and mechanism from any weather factors
  • Can be inclined up to 90 degrees – making it suitable for shading large window surfaces
  • Wind/Sun sensor to provide automatic deployment


The Zipline system is a great choice for many home-owners. Because with the right fabric, they can be precisely configured for heat insulation, antiglare protection, transparency or privacy, as required. Thanks to its gapless guide rail in the closed position, Zipline, the vertical starter among shading solutions, also provides reliable insect protection. Due to its sturdy guide rail, Zipline can even withstand high wind gusts.

  • 5 year mechanical guarantee
  • High quality, corrosion resistant materials  and coatings
  • Reliably prevents access of insects
  • Increased wind stability
  • Zip fastening guide rail, no light gap between guide rail and fabric

Dutch Canopies

Dutch Canopies come in myriad shapes and sizes – either retractable or rigid dependant on the measurement and style of any individual requirements. A retractable Dutch Blind is generally operated by a cord and pulley system secured to a cleat. The framework is constructed from silver anodised aluminium extrusion (which can also be powder coated to different colours).

Able to project a strong contemporary or traditional visual statement, canopies are bound to increase awareness of your home or business. They also afford protection for the clients of the premises from inclement weather as well as the sun. Sunshade Blinds can also signwrite or screenprint fabric to suit customers needs.

  • Covered in a vast range of colourways and fabrics
  • Gives your home or business an enhanced visual statement
  • Option of signwriting to your requirements
  • Able to design and manufacture a variety of steel frames
  • Excellent protection from the environment


Numerous application options and a comprehensive range of accessories make awnings and canopies an interesting, contemporary component of your house. From integrated heaters, a light-strip or the installation of a remote-controlled drive – many things you might not have expected are possible.


Retractable awnings from Sunshade Blinds are easy to fit and so are ideal for any home situation. You can now choose how you wish to operate your awning: Manual operation with a crank is standard – however, you can also operate your awning with a cable-connected motor or a remotely controlled motor.

Heater/light strip

Just because the light fades as the day ends, it does not mean you have to move indoors. Equip your awning with a light strip and terrace heating (infra-red) and enjoy dusk and early evening on your terrace. With the heating system and the light board, you create your own Mediterranean flair. Pleasant light and warmth make you independent from the time of day and the time of the year.

Wind/Sun Sensors

Safety and comfort without pressing a button? The wind and sun sensors constantly measure the current intensity of the sun and the wind speed. When the sun shines, it deploys your awning automatically, if the wind is too strong, it retracts the awning automatically to protect it.

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